Canadian foresters - click the picture to close this windowAnswers received on our question about the group of Canadian foresters:

  • Hello, a comment on the picture of Canadian timber workers; logging is dangerous work so it makes sense to use experienced workers to do it. It also stands to reason that the number of cords of wood used to build the miles of trenchworks must have been massive. It's one of the things you don't think about until you see a pic like this - Brian.
  • The pic of the Canadians shows them holding logging tools. These tools are used to move trees or logs that have been chopped down and the branches stripped. They are used in water or on trucks or railway cars to move the logs into position - Sam.
  • The tools the forest solders are using are called Canthooks. My father and I used these to roll and position logs for cutting. The pointed ends are driven in the log pile to help seperate the logs and the hook part was used to roll the log to where it needed to be to cut it - Rick.