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A Fresh View on the Great War


Paintings © Sig Bang Schmidt and poems © Steve Dalachinsky

( Sig Bang Schmidt was born in Hockenheim, Germany, in 1958. He lives and works in Berlin and in Vienna.
Steve Dalachinsky was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City, and he is still working and living there )

German abstract painter Sig Bang Schmidt works since 2002 on objects connected with the Great War. He chooses photographs from the war and over paints them digitally, cutting parts out, “rearranging” the pictures. This fragmentation makes new images arise, transmitting ideas and messages that were not (or not directly) visible in the originals.

Extraordinary are the poems that go with the paintings. The American poet Steve Dalachinsky did more than just add text to the images. His intense and sometimes heartbreaking poems are inextricably bound up with Schmidt's paintings.

Dalachinsky has been writing poetry for many years and has worked with jazz musicians. His last books are "Trial and Error in Paris" and "Quicksand". He knows Schmidt from the years (1991-1996) the German worked as an artist in New York City.

In 2004 Dalachinsky and Schmidt published together a book called Flying Home: an 21th century view on World War One. Their art was exhibited in art galleries and also in the in Berlin.

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If there were only one star. one stone. one man.

Advanced Statistics

We are not figurines
sprawled on a carpet

The Big Angel

It kills you while it's giving you life.

City (the symphony of toys)

what city


At night I am scared.


Battalion battle on
at the edge of purgatory.


The door to his insides
opens like a canyon.


We walk the swamp
over the manmade bridge

Fade (gas total)

Fade into the bleeding skin of time's wall.

French Poesie

The green seaside
is in the corner of a room

Horse (call me no other)

On the shore
a horse lies

Icarus in NO MAN's LAND

In no man's land
in the middle of a field

Lost Between

Lost between
the lines

Marching 1

Lost tribe
lost & undervalued

Marching 2

Borrow the road
borrow the town


This is not something
that has memory

On Stage

Handsome child &
ugly child


There is no rest for one who is waiting.

Somme (I carry you no longer)

Thin slight sickly man
I pray for you


The land
a white sheet
on which we lie


Stretched from star to star
window to window


Today my time has been wasted again
petty promises, false hoopla


Diggin tunnels
tied by tire & antenna


My job was going
from one to the


Thgil ite wash ash
thgil ite wash ash

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