Surrender, fake or real - click the picture to close this windowSurrender - The original

We got no convicing answers yet on our question Is this picture faked?

But we did find an original picture (shown on the right), apparently made in 1917. The picture resides in the Australian War Memorial Archives. The caption reads:

"A German soldier (wearing glassses) surrendering to two British officers as he leaves his dugout. Both the officers are wearing trousers with side splits which have been folded and buttoned to enable them to be worn as shorts for the warmer months of summer. The officer on the left is smoking a pipe and is holding a pistol in his left hand, he is also wearing a gas mask bag on his chest. A German water bottle is lying in the foreground just to the left of a kit bag and behind the soldier to the right a shovel is lying on the ground. Another British soldier is partially visible behind the bushes in the right background."