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Name :   Martin (London)
Comments :   It is refreshing to come across a WW1 site that is not run by military fetishists. The contents are thought provoking and challenging. Keep up the good work and many thanks!

Name :   Allan W. Price
Comments :   Lets have no illusions about mankinds propensity to slaughter each other. Here in the west most citizens are appallingly ignorant about even basic facts of W.W.I. The world needs more uncensored war photos like those available on this website.

Name :   José Paulo
Comments :   Muito bom o site, muito informativo. Espero que para outros conflitos que se passaram no mundo, especialmente os referentes a África, exista iniciativa semelhante.

Name :   Louis Beckers
Comments :   Schitterende website, die je naar de keel grijpt. Ik heb hem meermalen bezocht, en zal dit nog doen.

Name :   Jenny
Comments :   I am studying literature from The Great War for my A levels and I opened this website to get some help. It has been fantastic. It has really given me an emotional insight into the actualities of war rather than the objective descriptions that you get from others.

Name :   Martin Heyes (
Comments :   What are you, a damned coward? Bastards like you should be hung, drawn and quartered. If you were around a the time of the Great War - I would put money on you being a damned conshie - a conscientous objector. You might want to consider that if it hadn't been for all the brave young men - yes, I know VERY young men, who went off to fight for their King and Country - then scum like you wouldn't be around today. I know some of them - perhaps many - were under age - but this War damnit. If they were old enough to bleed, then they were old enough to butcher. May you rot in Hell you cowardly bastard.

Name :   Gary Jacobson
Comments :   Dear Sir, As a combat vet who has borne the brunt of actions in Vietnam, bearing freedoms sword, and feeling the embarrassment and scorn heaped upon warriors from that conflict, I salute you for this insightful work.

Name :   Jerry C. Moore
Comments :   As a retired solder I feel that making the information on this site available to the world great service to humanity. If the masses are fully informed of the terror, and futility of war, and the deceit of war time leaders, there would likely be fewer wars.

Name :   Libra
Comments :   I research the first world war in my spare time, and this site was a great help. I am fascinated and mesmorised by everything to do with the war and I loved this site. It was informative without being patronizing and a great source of information.

Name :   Mark Christian
Comments :    An amazing collection of images! The color photographs presented the war in a contex that I could not have imaged existed; the black and white of the old news reel films replaced by the true look and feel.

Name :   aztec5mil
Comments :   This site has everything! I wrote a report using mainly this sites information. I also liked the article on Hitler, and I never knew America was so hasty to get into Battle even if peace was being discussed in Europe.

Name :    Albin Wozniak
Comments :    My father served in the Polish Haller army both in France and then in Poland. He enlisted when in the U.S. and then returned to America in 1920. You make no mention of the Haller Army.

Name :   Bradley Nelson
Comments :   This site is amazing. Never, ever allow this site to be unavailable; today, tomorrow, or ever!

Name :   Hans Keman
Comments :  I'm greatly impressed with this website. Being a professor of political science and history I shall certainly use it as a means of educating students. Of course the role of the Netherlands during the Great War has been limited - remaining neutral - yet I would like to know more on the non-Dutch views re. this war. Best wishes, and keep up the good work! Prof. Hans Keman, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Name :   Christel Saenen, Leerkracht AV
Comments :   Aan de makers en al diegenen die bijdragen leverden: deze site is een droom voor elke leerkracht. Het bevat een bron aan eenvoudig, begrijpelijk materiaal voor de gewone man, dus ook voor mijn leerlingen. Hier is blijkbaar ongelofelijk veel tijd en energie in gestoken!

Name :   Richard Heijster
Comments :   Beste Rob, Als ik zo door je gastenboek blader valt me op dat je een heleboel veren ontvangt. En terecht, ik wil er graag een veer bijvoegen. De Erfenis van de Groote Oorlog raakt me keer op keer in mijn hart. De site ziet er prachtig uit en nodigt uit tot een lang verblijf. Boeiend en emotioneel!

Name :   Bryony
Comments :   Okay, I may only be 14 but this site has opened my eyes in quite a few ways. I am doing a project at school and I think most of it will come from here. If it isnt the best on the web it is definately one of them. Keep it open and updated as much as possible.

Name :   Tom Blain
Comments :  A noble effort. You may be interested to know that the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC Radio 2) broadcasted a Remembrance Day program this afternoon in which the announcer read, almost verbatim, your page about "The Making of the Poem (In Flanders Fields)" by Rob Ruggenberg.

Name :   SMH
Comments :  Wonderful website... miles better than the usual WW1 cliche... truly excellent.

Name :   Alex
Comments :   Plenty of white men died, perhaps that was the sole reason; a culling. It did not matter whether you were Russian, German, English, French... as long as you were white and died you were ok. Genocide is ugly enough, but it's far worse when covered by the convenient cloak of 'Just' war. New World Order... not really, just a toppling of great cultures.

Name :   Mats Frick
Comments :   This is an outstanding site. The material displayed is truly heartbreaking. As a teacher and first time father I cannot help but think that all those young who died could have done so much more with their lives.

Name :   Dakka
Comments :   Wij hebben geweldig genoten toen wij deze prachtige site aanschouwden. Kijk, dan maak je werkstukken met plezier! Wij komen hier nog graag een keer terug!!

Name :   Rodolfo
Comments :   No, to "them" he is no war criminal, no war inciter. To them he is their beloved Kaiser... Kaiser Wilhelm was NOT a war criminal, and not ONLY to "them". Dou you read too much propaganda ? Regards.

Name :   Adam
Comments :   You are a horribly biased group of people that made this website, you paint the Kaiser as a horribly bad person but in reality if you would research it, you would understand that he was only listening to the German parliament.

Name :   Oslo Jargo
Comments :   This is a surprisingly good site devoted to the stupidity of the war. It is rare to see such a site.

Name :   Liam Sheward
Comments :   An excellent website, I am amazed by the beautiful array of pictures and no copyright restrictions as well. As a fan of Kaiser Wilhelm II it is comforting to see that Germans still visit his grave and have seen through the British propaganda.

Name :   Meredith Evans
Comments :   Thank you for the images of the political cartoons. They will be a great help to my school project.

Name :   PEELS, Daniel
Comments :   Dit is een werk waar vele uren aan gewerkt is. Ik vermoed dat alles, voor zover ik weet, zo waarheidsgetrouw voor beide zijden van de oorlog zijn weergegeven. Vooral gezien vanuit het standpunt van een Vlaming en vanuit het standpunt van Flanders Fields.

Name :   Jean Rebeille
Comments :   This site has some good information and offers some interesting perspectives on the conflict. However, some of the info is presented raw, without being critiqued whatsoever. Example: the article "Why America should have minded her own business". The thesis presented in this article, supposively based on the thoughts of Winston Churchill, is total nonsense. It has no foundation of any kind. So go through the site, but stay critical of everything that's on it.

Name :   Aren Bron
Comments :   What struck me most was your quotation from Churchill that America should never have entered the war. He was right as usual. One could perhaps go one step further and say that Britain should not have entered this war either. Your site is excellent and very informative.

Name :   Louis E. Alvarez, US ARMY
Comments :   I am a historian in the Army National Guard. Your website is OUTSTANDING. I am also a collector of WW1 and WW2 militari and firearms. This has been an excellent source of graphic materials. Thank you.

Name :   Pagnin Massimo
Comments :    Best the situated one of the large one Great War that I have seen. To advise for the optimal collection of photographies.

Name :   LENSEN J.P.
Comments :  Very beautiful. Très beau comme site web. Préparons dans la première ville martyre de la Grande Guerre un site WEB. A bientôt.

Name :   ralph dekker
Comments :   Een prachtige website met veel foto's. Ik heb er enkele gedownload want ik verzorg zelf een dagje uit naar Ieper voor een klas van de Luchtmacht. Deze site gaf mij daarbij genoeg informatie om van tevoren de mensen de verschrikkingen van deze oorlog te laten zien.

Name :   Marc Vernier
Comments :   Well you worked hard to get this site the way it is. Dont agree with the idea that Europe didnt need USA. United Kingdom was not that strong at all. Most of Europeans should speak German now if USA and Canada didnt offer their best sons and daugters !

Name :   Barbara Pease
Comments :   I am a seventh grade teacher who teaches both English and Social Studies. I have been checking out sites for my students to visit while studying World War I and came across yours. While there are some very graphic pictures, I feel that there is also many of her areas which will be benificial. I will definately have them check out the posters. You have put together a fine site on WWI. I will recommened it to my fellow teachers at the high school level.

Name :   jimbo bob
Comments :   This is a very boring site! You need some colors to sruce it up.

Name :   Nuno Joel
Comments :   Bem, oi pessoal, nao sei se vao perceber isto mas, é so para deixar um grande abraço ao autor do site, gostei muito, embora tenha pena de haver mais opçoes de lingua para ler, apenas o alemao e o ingles... Well, here stays a huge hug from Portugal, for all you...

Name :   Darin
Comments :   Excellent site! Got to say thanks for bringing that statement by churchill and his views on the US involvement to my attention. Someone else on here mentioned that Britain should have stayed out too... its hard not to agree considering what has become of the world.

Name :   Mind your business
Comments :   I cannot believe your article why America should have stayed out! Me and my friend agree if it wasn't for us they wouldn't have won that stupid war! Maybe you would not even be here if it wasn't for us! WAKE UP! America is the best country in the world.

Name :   Laura & Annie
Comments :   You saved our social studies mark!

Name :   Nebojsa
Comments :   U svakom ratu je zrtva COVJEK. I svaki put se to zaboravi i ponovo se vode ratovi. Zasto? Zbog onih zlih, gramzivih koji imaju mnogo i hoce jos vise. Ljudi su nedozreli.

Name :   Emma Plets
Comments :   I really enjoyed the site, not because of the horrible pictures, but because of the information I learned about it. Thank you.

Name :   16jarige student
Comments :   Deze site is geweldig, het bezit enorm veel interessante bronnen en figuren. Heb er veel aan gehad voor een schoolwerk ! Keep up the good work.

Name :   Yvonne Schuling
Comments :   Beste Rob, tot mijn verassing kwam ik op je website terecht bij mijn speurtocht naar meer informatie over Pat Barker. Indrukwekkend!

Vanheukelom T.
Comments :   Mooie en aangename site met een schat aan informatie. Wat die voorraad obussen voor onze kust betreft, daar wist ik totaal niets van. Wanneer het weer zich nog eens van een goede kant laat zien plan ik een trip naar de Westhoek om alles met eigen ogen te zien.

Name :   Jack Watkins
Comments :   The censorship of photos, the interview with Churchill and Gen. Haig's comments on Australian troops were very interesting.

Name :   Frahm
Comments :   Mr. den Blanken was not allowed to take any photo´s at the Kaiser´s grave in Doorn. This is a private place and he need a permit to make photo´s He never asked for a permit. The people he is showing never gave him a permit to make their photo´s official. He is a criminal!!!

Name :   Levi Gast
Comments :   I used your website to get pictures for my history project... I give this site an A++++ rating

Name :   Ich
Comments :   Ich bin ein Kartoffelpuree Kopf. Ja.

Name :   Pat McLernon
Comments :   Thank you. I am an academic and I write and research on the Great War. The site is excellent, balanced and apropriate. I will send photos and text.

Name :   jack philips
Comments :   Prachtige informatieve site over 'de groote oorlog', maar vraag mij toch ook af wat het stukje over de Duitse keizer Willem II hier komt doen (vind dit persoonlijk irrelevant). Verder hoed af en niets dan lof.

Name :   James Strachan
Comments :   Impressive and staggering amounts of information, even for one who has studied the Great War. There can't be too much information and awareness for our time. Thank you.

Name :   beth mcnamee
Comments :   My daughter was given an assignment to choose any topic of the Great War she prefered. She chose John McCrae and In Flanders Fields. Your article on "the making of the poem", was most interesting. We thank you.. Proceding I saw so much more information of such great interest. I did show my children the "forbidden" War pictures. I figured it was educational for them... and that they should be aware of their history and just how fortunate we all are. For some of the pictures they sat in silence as I explained..., for others they had many questions. Their grandfather was in the war and taken prisoner. I was pleased to have these pictures to help them visualize what he endured. Thank you.

Name :   Buddy
Comments :   This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen although some pictures are disgusting, it shows you that it's not just a fight where a few people died here and there, but it was a real war.

Name :   karel julien cole
Comments :   Nu begrijp ik waarom mijn grootvader, Julien, zo weinig vertelde over zijn oorlogsjaren aan het front.

Name :   A. Thomas
Comments :   An exellent site. War such a pointless thing. It is said that we should learn from the mistakes of the past! But the reality is that there will never be an end to this madness.

Name :   Toine van Vliet
Comments :   Als instructeur binnen de Koninklijke Luchtmacht gaan wij regelmatig met onze cursisten naar Ieper en omstreken. Jouw site geeft goede informatie wat er in the Great War allemaal is gebeurd. Je hebt je site erg goed opgezet.

Name :   Martin
Comments :   Vielen Dank fur unburied.jpg photo, of the dead German in the muddy wet trench. Thank you very much for working hard on this excellent Site... a great portion of Humanity was involved, and quickly reverted past the innocence of Cro-Magnon.

Name :   Ramses
Comments :   I really like your site. As a collector of WW1-souvenirs (which I dig up myself), I think your site is one of the best there is about the first world war. I really have to congratulate you with this great site. If you update it, don't hesitate to mail me that it's finished.

Name :   Emmelie
Comments :   Hallo, ik ben van de Westhoek daarom interesseert het me. Ook ben ik maar 15 toch boeit het me sterk! Wel ik vind dat jullie site zeer fascinerend, is zeer dramatisch maar het is de werkelijkheid hé. Wel ik zal nu maar stoppen zeker maar als jullie iets nieuws gevonden hebben e-mail het me dan OK!!

Name :   John Morzek
Comments :   I've been a military history buff for years, this is the first time I've really looked at WWI, excellent site and extremely informative

Name :   Knut Wissenbach
Comments :   P. den Blanken wurde aufgefordert die Bilder aus Doorn zu entfernen: Sie wurden ohne Genehmigung erstellt und ohne Genehmigung veröffentlicht. Guter Journalismus ist anders, nähmlich sachlich, seriös und objektiv. Was soll das übrigens im Kapitel Erster Weltkrieg? Weder die Deutschen noch Kaiser Wilhelm II, den die Niederlande dankenswerter Weise aufnahmen, sind das Grundübel dieses Jahrhunderts. Mit Haß hat noch kein Miteinander funktioniert. Offensichtlich hat P. den Blanken das Terrorregime der Nazis nicht verstanden. Und wer die dt. Geschichte vor 1918 mißbraucht und sie als Vorläufer der Nazis hinstellt, der unterliegt noch immer der dummen Propaganda der Nazis selbst, die sich dadurch legitimieren wollten. Eigentlich sollte man nach den Erfahrungen des Naziterrors erwarten, daß Haß, Hetze und Denuntiation keine Zukunft mehr haben!

Name :   Laura Runcieman
Comments :   As an English teacher teaching the War Poets, I found this site to be unbelievably rewarding. The wealth of infomation it contains will help me enormously in preparing background material to the War Poets. Hopefully this will help my students to fully realise the horror and hell that was.

Name :   K. Frahm
Comments :   Hier kann ich mich nur Herrn Wissenbach anschließen! Herrn den Blanken lagen für die Aufnahmen im Mausoleum von Haus Doorn werde die Genehmigungen der abgebildeten Personen, noch die der Generalverwaltung des vormal regierenden preußischen Königshauses vor! Er handelt illegal! Journalisten dieser Prägung haben dazu beigetragen, daß Prinzessin Diana tötlich verunglückt ist. Schande auf ihr Haupt.

Name :   LT COL Dan Hennessy US ARMY RET
Comments :   This is the best WW1 website I have ever seen.

Name :   Shana
Comments :   Thank you, this page was very insightful. But what about the families of the deceased, do you have their permission to have their loved ones posted on the internet for all those who want to see?

Name :   T. Mohr
Comments :   Da auch ich auf den Fotos von Herrn den Planken zu sehen bin, möchte ich hier auch meinerseits erklären, daß er von mir KEINE Genehmigung zur Veröffentlichung eines Fotos von mir erhalten hat. Auch ich habe nur dem Schamoni-Filmteam eine solche erteilt! Ich fordere Sie hiermit erneut auf, die Bilder aus dem netz zu nehmen! Im übrigen möchte ich mich meinen Vorsitzenden anschließen: Frahm!

Name :   Aaron Samuel
Comments :   I was chosen to recite the Flanders Poem. And I did not know what the words were to it. Thanks to this site i have it memorized now..... This site got me out of deep troubles.... Thanks for creating a such great website. I rate it 10.5/10 Well Done!! I am joking. This site sucked my dick.

Name :   Wilson k-j
Comments :   Hoe durft een persoon hier te schrijven dat het sucks, waar haal jij dat lef vandaan, jij bent dus iemand die nooit wat zal leren van wat dan ook. de mensen die gevochten hebben in WW1, moeten altijd geeerd en gerespecteerd worden, die mensen streden nog ergens voor en dat WW2 een gevolg is van WW1 wordt veel te vaak vergeten door de mensen, shame on us.

Name :   Harry De Paepe
Comments :   Great review about the German monarchists. Taking Wilhelm II down was a great historical mistake indeed!!!!

Name :   Bob Rogers
Comments :   Thank you for a great site! Coming from Australia, I particularly enjoyed your article on the Australians. I work with the Australian Army and, though they turn out well for military parades, they still have a keen sense of larrakin in them! They will work under any condition, make the most out of everything and still have a wonderful sense of humour!

Name :   Oliver May
Comments :   This was the only site on the web with a decent picture of Lord Kitchener (The 'YOU!' poster)... I've spent AGES trying to find one... THANKS A LOT!

Name :   Lindsay Harrison
Comments :   I looked to this sight for a project i am doing in my history class. These photo's show a full view of how terrible war really is and I found them to be very informational. I really enjoyed your website. It was very easy to find what I wanted and the pictures were very well done. I was interested in finding out how exactly these photo's were taken. Please include this in future pictures or articals. Thank you for making such a wonderful site. Sincerely, Lindsay Harrison - Piedmont, CA.

Name :   Les Voix Perdues
Comments :   Clearly a great site with high quality material concerning the great war. We are a a capella quartet, looking for pictures that could evocate our songs about the First World War. And we found them. A great deal of thanks to you.

Name :   Gloria
Comments :   My father fought in WW1 and although he remained a soldier for 22 years he never talked much about his WW1 experiences, therefore I, too, have learned a lot from your pages. I will no doubt return again and again to learn more. Thank you.

Name :   Boen Jorn
Comments :   De beste site die ik ooit heb gezien over de Eerste Wereldoorlog. Hoewel ik een verwoede geschiedenis freak ben en dus vele boeken bezit over de twee wereldoorlogen, heb ik toch bepaalde informatie geleerd die ik niet kende. De foto's zijn aangrijpend. Dat dit nimmer meer mag gebeuren.

Name :   willem de pauw
Comments :   Leuk om vast te stellen dat de beste WWI-site op het net van Nederlandse origine blijkt te zijn. Van harte proficiat en veel succes.

Name :   Laura Runcieman
Comments :   An outstanding site. I've used the pictures to help teach war poetry, they have really helped the students to understand what it was really like and how terrible it actually was. Wilfred Owen's words mean so much more to them now. Thank you.

Name :   Trevor Hobson
Comments :   THE most wonderful and moving web site. I was moved to tears. We owe these people so much, and so few realise it.

Name :   Hajo Winia
Comments :   Het verhaal van de grote oorlog en vooral van de mensen in die oorlog heeft mij onvoorstelbaar gegrepen. Deze site heeft mij geholpen een beeld te vormen van deze zwarte bladzijde in onze geschiedenis... Houd vooral de herinnering levend!

Name :   Manuel Villavicencio Derio
Comments :   Felicitaciones por el trabajo realizado. Vuestra colección de documentos es impactante. Página muy bien ambientada.Grafica y musica se complementan perfectamente.

Name :   Karen
Comments :   Hi,I'm a first year student on university (social sciences) and I'm very impressed by your 'beautiful' collection of pictures. It helped me a lot to understand what I have to learn. Thanks.

Name :   aquarius
Comments :   Fine site about the Great War. Unfortunately the article about the DumDum bullet is misleading, untrue and the product of reading to much propaganda and other bullshit. It has not been written by someone with the slightest insight in small arms ammunition.

Name :   Andriessen
Comments :   Mooie site met veel interessante artikelen. Is het mogelijk dat U enige aandacht besteedt aan mijn pas verschenen boek "De Andere Waarheid?"

Name :   Paul Hageman
Comments :   Not the first time I visit your great site, but every time I am impressed again by the thorough research and the variety on subjects. We can all learn something from it. Thanks alot. Paul.

Name :   Anders Gustafson
Comments :   Mucket imponerande. Dessa mycket läsvärda sidor och stillbider har gett mig tron tillbaka på internet som en källa för information och förståelse. Tack för ett gediget arbete!

Name :   Darlene Glennie
Comments :   Granddaughter of Wm Armstrong, wounded in Holland at age 19. Lived with many ghosts until 1993, when his life long battle with damage caused by dysentery came to an end.

Name :   lls7
Comments :   Good site, but try to give the Canadians their honours and true credit for finsishing and winning that war and liberating those people. Repeat: the Canadians.

Name :   Matteo Vannini
Comments :   It is for sure a great site. Very important to preserve the memory of all these dead soldiers to avoid new wars. Looking at all these pictures I often wonder: Are the mankind intelligent or very stupid? Are not enough the problems in everybody life in peace time that for rivaltry or political reasons we start terrible conflicts? Never never again a WW1 and a WW2. We must learn from all these dead to love everybody difference. Life is full of problem even without wars. We don't need war again! A Site of this kind is fundamental! Never again! For the following generations ever! Thank you, Matteo.

Name :   A. Joint
Comments :   Nice site, 1 question: where the hell did you get those 'Bloody Picnic' pictures? I also think your a tad sick in places such as the part where it says 'Where has the batalion gone?, oh they're hanging onto the wire' You should be ashamed.

Name :   Eric Frantz
Comments :   My grandfather served in the American engineering corps and also as a cook after being wounded. This web site helps me understand why he would never talk to my Dad about the war. Americans are so unaware of the magnitude of this war and the tragedy.

Name :   M. Green
Comments :   Has anyone given any thought to what the world would be like today had the Germans won WWI by 1916? If the war had ended then, the Communist revolution would not have taken place in Russia. That means the Cold War would not have occurred let alone the Korean and the Viet Nam conflicts. As for Germany, victorious in the war, the social unrest that brought about the Third Reich would not have occured and Hitler would have remained an unknown artist and the fifty million deaths he caused in World War II would never have taken place. NO HOLOCAUST!! Think of all the future medical research scientists that would survived infancy and childhood instead of perishing in the concentration camps. Surely cancer and other ailments would have been wiped out by now. As for the U.S., we would probably still be an isolationist country with a budding economy and a fourth rate military as we were then. Of course, the possibilities are endless. On the other hand how would a victorious Germany have treated the vanquished? Probably much like the manner they treated the French after the Franco-Prussian War - territories taken and reparations made. That gives rise to a whole other theory how the French and English would have responded to defeat. Perhaps the Hitler-like personnage to lead his people to revenge and World War II would have been a Frenchman or a member of the once-British Empire. Food for thought.

Comments :   Very interesting. I am looking for more leads for poems from that time. The anti-war feelings of the twenties and thirties seem to have passed. They seem to have become inured to the horror of it all. The demonization of the enemy has continued so that now their death and injury is of no moral significance or importance. Sad.

Name :   marilyn howard, new york
Comments :   Dear Mr. Oorlog: This is a phenomenal site! Your organization is wonderful. Are you writing a dissertation for your doctorate? If not, perhaps you should consider it. You certainly have enough material for a start. Good luck to you and a long life.

Name :   Serge Scheid
Comments :   Ik zat vastgenageld in mijn stoel bij het bekijken van uw site. Heel profesioneel en aangrijpend gedaan. Proficiat en dank voor uw hulde aan al de nutteloze slachtoffers van welk land dan ook afkomstig. Serge

Name :   Michael Dijk
Comments :   This is a great site, but I think you'll need the forbidden war pictures out of this. This will bring bad memory's back to the people or grand childeren from those people.

Name :   Hein Goemans
Comments :   Good site. I especially like the stuff on the British willingness to execute their soldiers ruthlessly. It is sickening .... but it worked. The British army was the only major army that did not experience any serious mutinees (worth mentioning).

Name :   Derek Taylor
Comments :   A very interesting and informative site. The Kipling story "The Gardener" is very moving. More sites like this are needed to keep the memory of those four terrible years alive; the world should never forget this most awful of wars.

Name :   Johan Simoens
Comments :   Dit is een zeer uitgebreide website, waar duidelijk een aantal WOI-adepten aan werken. Met mijn beperkte kennis van (maar grote interesse voor) de gebeurtenissen in en rond Ieper, is dit een echte bron van informatie. En nu morgen met een pak extra gegevens opnieuw naar Ieper en omstreken. Volhouden, mensen, dit is werk van onschatbare waarde !!

Name :   Nigel R. Ralphs
Comments :   From a former British soldier, 1972-1983. Thank you for a most sobering website, my two grandfathers and my uncles fought in ww1, some came home, some did not, all were wounded at some point, especially my fathers father who finally died in 1966 from the effects of poison gas. I live now in the u.s.a, but I fear the people here have not had to face war as we in Europe have and do not pay the respect due to those who fought and gave so much, in both world wars. My father landed at Normandy on D-Day, fought through the Netherlands to Germany. In all my life the only comment he ever said was one time whilst watching the movie "The longest day" his words were said in his soft scots voice, "That was my beach". I thank you from my heart for remembering those who gave and continue to give. With respect, Nigel R. Ralphs

Name :   Putrocca
Comments :   Excellent site! I came here looking for photographs to use for my own Great War literature work, but I was amazed by what I found. An excellent site. I am interested in the roll of the Great War as a catalyst for man's discovery of his own capacity to destroy himself. Any thoughts?

Name :   lien
Comments :   Ik heb dankzij deze website een fantastisch werkstuk neergezet. Dank u wel! Lien

Name :   Maartje Abbenhuis
Comments :   It is wonderful to see a site dedicated to the neutrals in the First World War. As a researcher in this field (the Netherlands WWI), this really is very very refreshing.

Name :   Koen
Comments :   Good site about WW I. I hope you don't have to make one about the third one. Bless the men who died.

Name :   Adrian English
Comments :   What is it in me that even after seing all these photo's and having read many many books based on the "poor bloody Infantry's" point of view that I would still give anything to have been there with those men? Is it some lasting testiment to the propaganda of the era that I can be so foolish, or is it the bond I feel between myself and my grandfather (and his two brothers) who fought in this war? I see the photo's, I read the comments and I understand how it was. That is the only way I can describe how it makes me feel. I have yet to visit the battle sites but the pull is getting harder and harder to resist, and your site just adds to my urge. See you in France? Thank you, Adrian.

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