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German War Pictures - Page 2

The Slaughter of the Somme. From their cover in shellholes the Germans wait for the French infantry soldiers who come for them in neat rows (the socalled tirailleur lines the allied generals still preferred).

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Gas Attack

On April 22, 1915, the Germans for the first time made a large scale use of poison gas.
German infantry men follow the gas cloud on a very short distance, protected only by a little mouthcap watered in a certain liquid.


Village near Arras, France, conquered by the Germans in May 1915.
The whole village is intersected by trenches.


German concrete bunker.
This were the fortifications the allies feared. They were almost unpenetrable. Gunshells had little effect.
The picture shows a part of a bunker apparently used as dressing station. A man in white (a medical doctor?) can be seen as well as some people on stretchers.


A German reserve-division marches cheerful to the front at Verdun.
Their aim was, as their superiors wanted it, to 'bleed the French to death'.
Deployed in this war of attrition only a few of these soldiers returned alive.
Picture made in the summer of 1915.

Fort Vaux

Hiding in a trench hole in the first line Germans assail the French garrison troops at Fort Vaux, near Verdun.


A German soldiers exposes himself as he throws a hand grenade towards an enemy trench.


German machinegunners in a flooded shell-hole during the Battle of Ypres.
The German machinegun was a formidable and often a decisive weapon during battles.

Abandoned Tank

An abandoned British tank in the by Germans reconquered village of Fontaine-Notre-Dame.

Tank in Berlin

A captured British tank on exhibition in Berlin.

Another exhibition

German soldiers show a shot down and captured British pilot to the photographer.


German soldiers leave their cover and head for the barbed-wire-entanglement in an apparent counter-attack.
Picture made on the Somme front in the summer of 1916.


Although the German medical military service was very good organised, there were often more men wounded than expected. At the frontlines the doctors had to improvise. Medical treatment often took place under primivite circumstances.

Front Comrades

Three German front soldiers posing for a photograph.
The one on the right is Gefreiter A. Hitler. At his feet his dearest friend, a small white terrier, that came out of No-Mansland and had jumped into a German trench.


German soldiers bandage a British prisoner-of-war.
Picture made near St. Quentin, France.

Last Office

Germans paying their respects to a killed comrade.

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