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Rare German War Pictures

German soldiers on their way to Paris, 1914

By Rob Ruggenberg

Books and websites on the Great War show mainly allied war pictures. German war photography is often ignored, probably because that country lost the war. But German war photographers were very good. Below and on the next pages you will find some examples.

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German soldiers, with flowers on their helmet, say farewell to their families.
Picture made August 1914.


A German unit during the Battle of the Marne.
Picture made in September 1914. Near the river Marne the German invasion was brought to a stand-still.


After weeks of long marches and numerous fights the German advance towards Paris came to a stand. Tired and disillusioned the Germans had to withdraw.


After the Battle of the Marne the Germans retreated to the river Aisne.
It was here that the frontline stabilised and where the armies were going to dig in themselves.


The Taube (pigeon), with its spreaded tail and rounded wings was an striking and feared appearance in the beginning of the war.
The Germans used the airplane for bombing the city of Paris.


In the Belgian city of Antwerp the German occupation authorities issue their first announcements to the civilian population.
The occupation was harsh. Germany riflet the country of its goods and oppressed the people.

Busy roads

In the first months of the war the roads in Northern France were choked by troop transport and fleeing civilians.

Invasion by Bicycle

German army unit on bicycles invading Poland.

Eastern Front

A German trench in the swamp area near the Mazuric Lakes on the Eastern Front.
Picture made in February 1915, just before the German winter-offensive started in heavy snowstorms.


German soldiers attacking.


German soldiers resting in a trench near Ypres in Flanders.
Picture made in the beginning of the trench warfare.


German shock-troops conquer a French position.


The German trenches were usually very well built. There were strong and they had loop-holes.
The picture shows two soldiers throwing hand-grenades while two others take an aim at the enemy.


German officers inspect a conquered French trench that started on a farmyard.


German soldier with two Belgian girls.

The long, long trail

A surly looking German guarding British prisoners-of-war.

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