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Studying the Great War

By Rob Ruggenberg

Scholars and students who have made papers or essays on the Great War are hereby encouraged to publish their work on this page.

Not only can these writings serve as information for a larger public, they can also help other students on their way - or just be sources of inspiration.

All languages are allowed. There will be no discrimination of level, so that students of all ages and all kinds of education may find something they can use.

  • Did World War One and British government propaganda affect the culture of publishing during the War?, by Esmond Collins (in English).

  • How far did the war change people`s attitudes about how big a part a government should play in peoples`s lives?, by Daryl Chambers (in English).

  • Nieuwe wapens in de Eerste Wereldoorlog, door Sander van Lanen (in Dutch/Nederlands).

  • Spreekbeurt Eerste Wereldoorlog, door Thijs Vroonland (in Dutch/Nederlands).

  • De Eerste Wereldoorlog: oorzaak, wijze en gevolg, door Richard Lode (in Dutch/Nederlands).

  • 1)   In some countries 11 November is celebrated as Remembrance Day. In other countries this day is called Veterans Day, or Armistice Day, or Waffenstillstands Tag, or Wapenstilstandsdag.

    Furthermore you can find on this website much sought after comprehensive and abridged versions of the Versailles Treaty, an assesment of the casualties in the Great War, a list of famous (and infamous) persons from that war, and a map of the Western Front. We have an article discussing the origins and causes of the Great War. American students may have a special interest in how America entered the war (they should also take a look at our complete books-page, where they'll find The War with Germany - A Statistical Summary for the USA.)

    Looking for something special ? Did you do a search on this site?

    If you want specific documents on the Great War, treaties, letters, speeches, reports, memoranda, ultimatums, declarations, telegrams etc, the best place is The Documents of World War I-page. This site is maintained by Vincent Ferraro, professor of International Politics at the Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA.

    If you have an other question we recommend The Great War Forum where topics related to the First World War can be submitted and fully discussed. This forum has become a important meeting place for people interested in history and war. Don't be afraid to put your questions here - the members may be experts and professionals, but they are friendly towards pupils and students. Click here to join or view the forum.

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