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Wenn die Soldaten durch die Stadt marschieren:
When the soldiers march through town

German postcard, send in 1916 by way of Feldpost, by a soldier who writes a friend that he
does not meet many girls at the front. There is also a verse printed on the card that says
that girls love to kiss men with stars, stripes and moustaches.

American handcolored postcard from the Great War By Rob Ruggenberg Email

Yes, of course there was romance in the Great War. Boys and girls continued to fall in love. The difference was that when they were parted, when the boys were sent to the front, their seperation could be forever. This made love intense and sad at the same time.

Writing was the only way to stay in contact. Apart from the usual letters, there were special picture postcards for soldiers and other cards for girls. But whoever send it, letters were always welcome, as this American postcard (on the right) tells us.

Below you will find a collection of romantic postcards from the belligerent countries. We have selected only real photographs, because these are rare. The pictures (usually black-and-whites) were hand colored afterwards.

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Picture A Kiss

Un Baiser et Vive la France!:
A kiss and hurrah for France!
Beautiful French postcard.

Picture Farewell

A young German soldier bids his girlfriend farewell.
Glück und Liebe, says the postcard: Happiness and Love.

Picture Another German Farewell

There were many postcards like this, showing soldiers saying goodbye to their girlfriends.

Picture Not Forgotten

British postcard, especially made for the homefront to send to the men and boys abroad.

Picture Hast Du mich lieb?

German postcard, with this rhyme:

Sag' mir's endlich frei und offen,
Darf ich Deine Lieb' erhoffen?

Tell me free and openly: may I hope for your love?

Picture Cargo of Love

British postcard, also with a rhyme:

Oh! fair art thou my bonnie lass,
So deep in love am I,
And I will love thee still, my dear,
Till all the seas run dry...

Picture Sweet Kisses

French postcard, with a rhyme too:

Un doux baiser, franc et discret
Jamais ne se donne à regret

A sweet kiss, free and discreet, will never give you regret

Picture Mein Herz gehört nur Dir

My heart belongs only to you.
German postcard with this rhyme:

Meine Worten solls Du trauen,
Fest auf meine Treue bauen!

You should trust my words, you can depend on my vow.

Picture Start Over Again !

Recommence! (Start Again), is the slogan on this naughty French postcard.

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Sources: Most of the pictures above come from our own collection. Others were found in books, and a few elsewhere on the Internet - RR.